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a August 17th, 2007

  1. Hey, this thing works! Wow!

    August 17, 2007 by Gene

    IMG_6449.JPGI’m sorry I haven’t updated in so long; technology is too confusing. Plus new digs, trips, and lots of stuff going on! I’ll try to update later this month.

    How do you like the new house?!


    August 17, 2007 by Gene

    A great deal has happened since my last posting November 1. As we were preparing for the Thrailkill Thanksgiving Day gathering, Karen received a phone call that her older sister died of a heart attack. Marilyn would have celebrated her 71st birthday on Thanksgiving day. She had been taking treatments for cancer the past two years and we all felt she was doing well. Her heart must have been weakened by the chemo. Karen and I along with her sister, brother and spouses spent ten days in Illinois attempting to get her sister’s home somewhat cleared out. Much more to be done but at a time next spring.

    One week after our drive home we received another call notifying us that Karen’s first cousin died of cancer on December 11. Karen’s family is very close and it’s so tough losing two of the ten-cousin group in quick succession.

    The good news is the OU Women’s Basketball team is ranked number 3 nationally and is 10-0. We were going to travel again in February; however, we are reluctant to leave town during basketball season. The new house is another reason to stay home. I think we should close around the middle of January followed by the big move from the “old homestead” of 35 years. A friend of ours who built a new home told me he thought moving would be bad but it was worse! That makes us feel good.

    Dawn’s orchestra has given three concerts and attended a contest. She has learned quickly the difference between teaching middle school and high school. Needless to say she is looking forward to Christmas break.

    Stacy and Michael celebrate their fourth wedding anniversary on New Year’s Eve and guess who will baby sit that night. It will be the first time Abby has stayed over night with Maw Maw and Paw Paw.

    With the loss of two loved ones and the birth of our fifth grandchild last July it has been a year of very mixed emotions. It has made both Karen and me realize how fortunate we are to have our health, family and friends. May the good Lord be with you and yours this holiday season.