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November, 2006


    November 1, 2006 by Gene

    Fall has been somewhat unexpected as Karen and I had made plans to take HaRV (our 5th wheel) to Georgia for a wedding and take four weeks enjoying the color change in NC, TN and AR. The best laid plans! As new house responsibilities escalated the decision was made to stay home.

    The house is entering an exciting stage. The trim carpenters are finished and the painters show up tomorrow. After a badly needed rain, the ground has dried out, the yard preparation begins this week with the sprinkler system installed and sod being laid. Hopefully the landscaping can be done prior to cold weather. Actually it is not the new house that has our attention at this point in time. Karen reminds me that we have but 45 days to sift through 35 years of “stuff” before moving and getting the old homestead ready to put on the market. I hate to admit it but I turn 68 tomorrow and some might think all this activity will keep me young – however……………………

    We have done some traveling with a weekend trip each month with our camping club. Last month we stayed at Lake Texoma and had dinner with Jim and Sally Faulconer. They have moved to the lake and have built a gorgeous home with all the windows on three floors facing the lake. It was good to see them and rehash our days at OU.

    The days are counting down to the opening of OU Women’s Basketball season. It is exciting for Chad as they had a great recruiting year and are rated from #3 to #7 in national polls. The women’s team has out sold the men’s team in season tickets and expect 10,000 to 12,000 for home games. What a change from ten years ago when the women were drawing 68 per game.

    Dawn is semi enjoying her change to high school teaching. After 19 years in middle school she moved to Putnam City High School. The verdict is still out at this writing.

    Stacy and Michael are enjoying life with Abby (2.5 years old). I included her day care photo. She is a handful to say the least.Abby1006wallpaper2.jpg

    Had a great day at OU Homecoming and never have enough time to talk to everyone. I will end this with one more reminder to Rita Heath that my web site is now “up to date!”

    Hope all is well with you and yours.
    Boomer Sooner – coach