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April, 2006

  1. A New Beginning

    April 24, 2006 by Gene

    Thanks to Matt Deatherage it has become easier for me to post the THRAILKILL UPDATES and hopefully I will make greater use of this method. Possibly it will not be 2 years between entries. Karen and I have been very busy and look forward to sharing new times with those who might be interested.

    Back to A2 after 45 years.jpg Karen and I visited Ann Arbor for the first time since graduation day in May of ’60. My how things change in 46 years (except K & I)

  2. New format coming!

    April 11, 2006 by Gene

    [Webmaster here: we’re changing up the format some. In the interim, here are some of his past stories for you to read:

    We’ll try to make it easier for Coach to post more than once every year or two!]