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January, 2002

  1. From Coach

    January 21, 2002 by Gene

    To Those Who Contributed to
    My Retirement Gift

    A most sincere


    Originally, I intended to write each of you a personal note to express my humble appreciation for your generous contribution to the gift upon my retirement, but it would have been a difficult proposition in many ways. I do wish for those students who originated the idea for the gift and worked so tirelessly, to understand how much their efforts mean to me. I sincerely hope this thank you will eventually reach everyone who contributed.

    Someday I hope to have the opportunity to show you the 5th wheel and Ford truck your contribution assisted us in purchasing! In the meantime, the photo on this site must suffice. I never thought I would see the day I would be “tooling around in a one ton” but I must admit that I really love it. Karen and I are truly enjoying our retirement, having the freedom to take off whenever the spirit moves us, the time to make improvements to our home, more opportunities to spend time with family, and to live without an alarm clock! I saw a great bumper sticker yesterday -“After you are over the hill, you really pick up speed!”

    Again, THANK YOU – not only for your monetary gift but for the gift of your friendship. My students have had such a lasting influence on my life, a fact that has become even more obvious to me since retirement. Please keep in touch – I look forward to hearing from all former students as well as our friends.

    Boomer Sooner – Coach

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